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The Force Recovery Foundation 

Terms and Definitions:

Transformational Care is a ‘Recovery-Path’ weaving together Traditional and Complimentary approaches with Community-Based multi-dimensional resources, services, and programs supported by Compassionate Family Support, Knowledge-Based Advocacy, and innovative Research. Transformational Care focuses on emphasizing the “Power” found in uniting the strengths of Spirit-Mind-Body. Transformational Care is self-directed.

Entities found in Transformational Care include:


* Cutting-edge Scientific Advances and Discovery

* Exosomes and Stem-Cell Treatment

* Neuro-Stimulation Intervention

* Neuro-Engineering Exercise and Strength Building * Nutritional Integration

* Traditional Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT)

* Prayer, Breathe-Work, Mindfulness, Visualizations, Meditation, and Yoga

* Narrative Journaling (Digital, Video and Written Format)

* Emotional Support Animals (ESA)

* Acupuncture

* Aqua-Therapy

* Community-Based Multi-Dimensional Resources, Services, and Programs

Compassionate Family Support consists of an all-encompassing network of Family, Friends, and Providers. Compassionate Family Support provides the richness and depth of love, understanding, acceptance, and care on all levels: spiritual, psychological, emotional, health- wellness, and physical. Compassionate Family Support is essential and vital in surrounding the person on their ‘Recovery-Path’.

Knowledge-Based Advocacy consists of an understanding of the vastness, wealth, and complexity of the Community-Based multi-dimensional resources, services, and programs available on the: Federal, State, and Local levels - both in public, non-profit and private networks. Knowledge-Based Advocacy is driven by a passionate commitment to identity and connect each person and family member with Community-Based multi-dimensional resources, services, and programs, e.g, transportation, Medical Billing / Insurance navigation, and Home Health Care ....etc. A major ingredient of Knowledge-Based Advocacy is having a true understanding and appreciation found in the power of: “It’s all about Connections”.... combined with an insatiable quest to arrive at: “Yes” - while at the same time....having zero- tolerance for the word: “No” - as one is acquiring Community-Based multi-dimensional resources, services and programs.

Innovative Research combines the scientific-body of Peer-reviewed research with the strong voice and wisdom of the: “lived-experience”. Innovative Research is primarily driven by the experiences and needs of the: Person, Family Members, and Friends network. Innovative Research blends together both Quantitative and Qualitative measures, dimensions, and experiences of the: ‘Recovery-Path’.

“No one need  travel their ‘Recovery-Path’ alone....”

The Force Recovery 

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